Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

More birthday fun!

Before Thanksgiving, we got together at my parents' house to celebrate the November birthdays- Melanie's, Kaitlyn's, and mine.
Kaitlyn got a Dalmatian purse that she absolutely loves...
... and more Hello Kitty stuff!
She tries to stuff everything in her new little backpack!
Of course, there were lots of cameras involved, and some fun pictures taken. 
Like this one.....
Nolan's first cucumber.  Once he got past the texture, he really liked it!
The kids building with the mega blocks. Nolan loves to get right in and play with the big kids now.
Grandpa reading just one more book before we head home
Happy Birthday to my little sis, Melanie!  It's always fun celebrating our birthdays together!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

13 months old

Nolan is 13 months old today. What an active little guy he is! He never stops moving and exploring. His new thing these days is moving furniture and other choice objects throughout the house (stools, laundry baskets, the dog kennel...).
He's also quite fascinated with the bathroom- especially the toilet. A key phrase constantly resonating throughout the house is, "Make sure the bathroom door is shut!".
He loves opening and closing doors.  It's quite funny when he shuts himself in a room-  he bangs on the door from the inside, and yells until you come let him out.
He loves books, loves his noise toys, and loves the toy kitchen.  It's just at the perfect height where he can open and shut the cupboards, and stand up to the counter.
His motto is 'Possession is 9/10ths of the law'.  If he got it, he pretty much figures it's his right to play with it.
He loves to be roughed up and loves to wrestle.
How we all love this crazy boy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn turned 3 years old on Saturday, the 12th.  She had her heart set on having a Hello Kitty birthday, so we had a little party for her.  Her cousin, Delani, and Alyssa came over for a while, and helped make her day very special.
The girls did a lot of playing with dolls and the toy kitchen.  There was quite an entourage marching through the house with each of the girls pushing a stroller with a baby, and Nolan hot on their heels trying to run them down!
Talking to each other on their phones.

Coloring time.
When they got tired of coloring, we stepped it up a notch... painting!
We covered them with a plastic bag, covered the table, and they went to painting.
There was Hello Kitty everywhere!
My mom surprised us and brought over a cake she made for the party.  It was adorable!  Kaitlyn LOVED it!!

.... and I made Hello Kitty cake pops.

She got some really fun gifts!
... including a Hello Kitty hat and glove set.

After the party was over, Granny and Papa came over for dessert.  We did a little more celebrating, and she got to open all the rest of her gifts.
The two things she wanted for her birthday were a Hello Kitty lunch box and clock (Why a clock? Because Talon got a Cars clock and she wanted a HK one. So now there are two clocks sitting side-by-side on their bookshelf, and neither of them can tell time. So nuts!)
And from Granny and Papa... a huge stuffed Hello Kitty!
Katie and Alyssa hanging out in the box her Kitty came in.
Fun with party hats

Even Kiki got in on the action!
Getting ready to go to bed with her new jammies and Hello Kitty.
Talon got some new jammies that he was proud to show off, too!
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  We love you so much!!
Daddy, Mommy, Talon and Nolan

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breakfast with a couple of my boys!

Talon and Kaitlyn stayed the night at Grandpa and Grandma's during my work stretch, so when I got off on Thursday morning, Anthony and Nolan took me out for an early birthday breakfast.  We went to our favorite breakfast place... The Original Pancake House.
When we got done with breakfast, we went and did a bit of shopping.  I found a few more fabulous candles and some kitchen paraphernalia.  After all the fun, it was finally time to head home and get some sleep.  Thank you, Honey, for such a great morning!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shoe Shopping

We went to the mall, and did some shoe shopping for Daddy while we were there.  Nolan decided to do a little shopping of his own.